Game Trailer:

Sai Amp Mitch is a modern 2D action sidescroller reminiscent of retro games featuring non-stop action with RPG elements and storytelling.

The game's standing out features include:

- Beat-em-up combos: Send enemies flying into the air or to other enemies in the levels!

- Mind reading: Know what's on any character's mind, even your opponent!

- Play as the conjoined twins with psionic powers Sai Amp and the combat drone engineer Mitch!

- Discover Sai, Amp and Mitch's past and how they end up being together!

- Retro 80s soundtrack will get you pumped up in each level!

RECOMMENDED OS/ BROWSER: Win7/Win8 Firefox/Chrome.

( In the beginning, if the % turn red, refresh your browser )


Minimum Spec:

CPU: Intel Celeron 1000M Dual Core at 1.8 GHz
GPU: Intel HD Graphics Ivy Bridge

For those who use lower end Graphics Card or integrated Graphics, go to Pause Menu > Config > Visual Setting and turn off WebGL Effects and set Visual Scaling to Low, for better performance.

Gamepad is supported.

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